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Featured Projetcs

Blithe Defense works with a multitude of varying industries from space & defense to shade and awnings. See below for a preview of our featured projects.

Blithe Defense x Nasa Aerospace rocket custom coverings

NASA x "Space Company"

Reusable large protective rocket, booster and hybrid insulated/blast proof propellant tank covers for West and East coast operations.

Blithe Defense x Northrop Grumman F-35 Lightning 2 custom fuselage covering for aerospace manufacturing and production

Northrop Grumman

Speciality, custom fit and reusable large protective fuselage covers for the manufacturing process of the F-35 Lightning II.

Blithe Defense x Wing socks for aero and aerospace production and protection

Blithe Defense Wing Socks

Proprietary, reusable, protective non-slip & non-abrasive shoe covers designed and engineered for aerospace programs.

Blithe Defense x Moxion Power generator custom made overs for industrial applications


Technical, form-fit and reusable travel covers for transportation of mobile zero-emission power units.

Blithe Defense x Foss Marine custom covering

Foss Maritime

Custom covers used on vessels out of the Port of Los Angeles for Chevron North America used for ship assist, oil transport and offshore oil logistics.

Blithe Defense x Boeing Logo
Blithe Defense x Moxion Power Logo
Blithe Defense x Northrop Grumman Logo
Blithe Defense x Foss Marine Logo
Blithe Defense x Crowley Logo

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